Explore the different territories of Communication is like navigating an immense sea of ​​ideas, channels, formats and ways of creating content, of telling stories. Let’s explore

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Las claves del Diversity & Inclusion Day: cómo seguir avanzando en DEI en las empresas 

Las claves del Diversity & Inclusion Day: cómo seguir avanzando en DEI en las empresas 

Una jornada para aprender, compartir, comunicar e inspirar con empresas líderes en diversidad e inclusión. En Diversity & Inclusion Day se han trataron…
¿Cómo encontrar el concepto creativo?

¿Cómo encontrar el concepto creativo?

 “La creatividad es la inteligencia divirtiéndose”, dijo Albert Einstein, y si hay algo que alimenta a la inteligencia es la…
Diversidad e Inclusión

Diversidad e Inclusión

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut…

My ship

About me

The sea is a great metaphor of life. A place in permanent change and constant movement, which implies adapting and adjusting the sails to advance and reach your goal. Although I was born inland, in beautiful Salamanca, my restlessness and curiosity have led me to discover new and different territories.

A vital and professional journey in which I sailed through Spanish cities and through Irish and British lands, and now I am closer to the sea again, in Barcelona. My explorer and dynamic mind to continue learning in each port that I arrive.

Every journey has its deviations, so you always have to set a course, a navigation map that allows you to reach a destination, a purpose. Mine is to tell stories that bring a change, a different vision, connect to transform. My territory: The Communication.

My journeys


I am a journalist, of that generation that lived in an analog world and discovered the digital universe with a mixture of disbelief and fascination. I stayed with the second, and that is why I decided to do a doctorate in communication that dealt with new technologies in media convergence. And while I was studying this interesting new world, I began my journey on radio and television to learn this profession that requires trade.

After a few years in the media, I made the leap to the “other side”, to the world of corporate and institutional communication. There I discovered another direction that led me to carry out projects for different brands and sectors, in companies and in communication and marketing agencies. From my vocation, journalism, I have delved into other interesting ways of communicating as a content creator. And I like to tell what I do and what I learn, teaching, speaking in public… Everything is fed back and everything adds up.


My blog

On the deck of the ship, near the helm wheel, where the compass is located to facilitate navigation in unknown oceans, there is the blog. An instrument that will allow us to always continue browsing, discovering new directions and exploring the immense sea of ​​possibilities that offers the creation of contents. In this blog that I like to call The Explorer I will talk about my two favorite “Cs”: Communication and Content, in their different dimensions. Everything communicates, everything is content.

IODC: The international benchmark event on Open Data

The international benchmark event on Open Data brought together scientists and stakeholders from more than 100 countries to set trends and accelerate the progress of Open Data, discuss its future, value and economic and social benefits.


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“Life is a difficult navigation without a good compass”
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