IODC: The international benchmark event on Open Data

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The international benchmark event on Open Data brought together scientists and stakeholders from more than 100 countries to set trends and accelerate the progress of Open Data, discuss its future, value and economic and social benefits.

The International Open Data Conference (IODC), in its fourth edition, came to Spain, thanks to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Digital Agenda, the World Bank, IDRC and the Open Data for Development Network (OD4D), turning Madrid into the capital of Open Data worldwide, and entrusting Madison Agency with its organisation and development.

87 sessions with the participation of more than 330 experts from 50 countries who presented their work and reflections on the importance of Open Data. A year-long project in which a multidisciplinary team of engineers, journalists, geographers, programmers, designers, PR experts, etc. worked, in which I played the role of Project Manager to support in an integral solution whose objectives included the definition of the main lines of the Conference, the configuration of the programme, the direction and logistical management and production of the event, the audiovisual production, the technical and scientific secretariat and everything related to communication and support in the drafting of the Conference’s conclusions.

Engaging the international scientific community to participate in the Call for Proposals, a complex and key task in the development of the project, which was approached through a multi-channel strategy that achieved the best result in the history of the IODC, with 624 proposals from 76 countries from 5 continents, which served to design the agenda.

Through an ad-hoc project management methodology, with technology as the main medium, it was possible to successfully develop a project with multiple actors from different countries, led from Spain and Canada.

After 9 months, in October, IODC was held with close to 100 sessions involving more than 330 experts from 50 countries, which kept the interest of some 2,000 attendees, making the event a worldwide reference as defined by its organisers.


IODC: El evento de referencia internacional en Open Data

El evento de referencia internacional en Open Data, reunió a científicos y stakeholders de más de 100 países para marcar tendencias y acelerar el progreso del Open Data, debatir sobre su futuro, valor y beneficios económicos y sociales.

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